Apple Day 2015

Apple Day is one of my favorite days of the entire year!  It has been tradition for our classes to attend a field trip to the apple orchard on a Thursday and then have Apple Day the following day.  This is such a fun week for our first graders....I think I enjoy the week as much as they do!

On Fridays in my classroom, students work at five different learning stations,  Typically, we have a writing activity, a phonics based activity, a comprehension skill activity, and two math activities.  For Apple Day, we work on activities that were more geared towards language arts.   But our last station....back by popular demand....was our tasting station!  

I snapped photos of the kids working at each of the stations so that you could see what we did on Apple Day.

At Station 1, students had to use word cards to build a sentence in chronological order.  Then they had to record the sentences in their apple booklets.  There were six sentences to complete.  The early finishers were asked to illustrate the sentences when finished.

At Station 2, students listened to a story read aloud about Johnny Appleseed.  Next, they had to number the events in order based on the story.  Last, they cut the events apart and glued them in sequential order on their strips of paper.  Once finished, students brainstormed words that explained how apples look, feel, and taste.

At Station 3, students cut out different parts of an apple and assembled them to make an apple hanging craft.  Early finishers read a short story about apples and used highlighters to find facts.

At Station 4, students read a story called "Dad and Dan."  Then they completed the comprehension sheet that went along with it.  Once finished, students worked on a free time apple packet.

And last, but certainly  not least, is Station 5....the apple tasting station!  Here, students filled out a chart with the names of the three different apples shown in the photos below.  With their parent helper, students wrote down words describing how each apple looked and tasted and whether they like the apple or not.  After completing the chart, students got to sample apple products such as apple chips, apple butter, apple juice, apple cider, etc. 

During the day, we had applesauce cooking in the crockpot.  At the end of the day, students got to sample the applesauce.  All in all, in was a great way to end the week and I think the kids enjoyed both the field trip and Apple Day.  I would like to say thank you to all of the parents who came to chaperone the field trip and those who helped out with Apple Day!  Your help is very much appreciated!

Apple Orchard Field Trip

On September 10th, our class went on a field trip to the County Line Apple of the most enjoyable places to visit in the Fall (in my opinion!).  The weather was perfect-not too hot, not too cold.  The students (and the adults) all had a great time  Our class went on a tour of the apple orchard.  Please continue scrolling all the way down to the end of the post.  You will see a class photo at the end!  Also, I put stickers on the students' nametags so that their names were not visible.

When we arrived, we had to line up and wait for our tour guide to release us.  Here are the kids anxiously waiting to go in:

Our first stop was the bee hive area.  Here students learned about how bees pollinate flowers and how they make honey.  The tour guide had them stand up to do the bee dance!

Then they got to come up to see the bees.  The queen bee was marked with a blue dot.  She was hard to find!

Our next stop was the area where the apples are sorted on the conveyor belt:

Next, we went on our way towards the cider station:

At the cider station, the tour guide explained how cider is made.  Students got to sample some cidar when she was finished!

Then on to our favorite part:  getting on the wagon to ride out to the field.  The tour guide talked to students about photosynthesis and how to pick the apples.

Here are the kids picking apples:

Check out these cuties!

Favorite photo of the bunch!

Students and chaperones got to fill up their bags with apples to take home!

We're happy!

Look at these handsome gents:

After picking apples, we ate lunch in the picnic area and then headed over to the petting area.  Here are some photos of the kids in that area:

After spending some time in the petting area, it was time to board the bus.  But of course we couldn't do that without a group photo!

Our awesome class!

All in all, we had a great time.  We even had apple cinnamon donuts and cidar when we got back to school.  It was a fun time for all!  Also, thank you to Mr. Anderson for sharing some of his photos with me.  With all of the photos we took between the two cameras, we were able to share all of the activities with all of you!  Hope you enjoyed reading about our field trip!  More posts coming soon!

Making Learning Fun!

In the last two weeks, we have been working on learning the rules and expectations for the classroom. However, we have also been doing some fun things too!

One activity that I try to incorporate each week is one called "Read and Write the Room."  I follow a blog call Over the 1st Grade Rainbow.  I found the cards for the activity on that blog.  Basically, there are twenty word cards with words that follow the Phonics skill for the week.  Last week, we used words with short i and words with short a the previous week.  Basically, students close their eyes and I hide the word cards all over the room.  When I am ready, students take a clipboard and their recording sheets and search the room for the words.  They have to read the word to themselves before writing it on the recording sheet.

When they are finished, they return to their seats and then use words that they found to make up their own sentences and then illustrate the sentences.  This activity is great because it gets the students out of their seats and moving.  Research states that children need movement in the classroom.  This is one example of movement that we do each week!

Another great thing happened last week.  Students received their own Chromebooks to use in the classroom!  Last Wednesday, students practiced logging in with their username and password for the first time.  Not going to took a little while since the kids are so little, but we are slowly getting faster logging in each day.  Here are some photos of the kids logging in:

I allowed the students to take their Chromebooks home this weekend.  I hope they are showing their parents how they can login now by themselves!  Love having a room full of techies!

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!

Hello everyone!  Welcome to the new school year!  It has been a very busy start to the school year.  With that being said, I am ready to start sharing some wonderful things about our classroom with all of you!

I have a wonderful group of students this year....23 kiddos to be exact!  I can already tell that they are sweet kids.  I would like you to meet the stars:

These photos were taken on the second day of school.  The following week, we had our Open House night for parents to come and hear about classroom procedures, expectations, AND they got to sign up for our special days such as Apple Day (post to come later) and all of our holiday parties.  The bulletin board pictured is outside of our classroom.  This is the first year that I have created this board for back to school.  I love it because it matches the Rainbow Chalkboard theme in our classroom!  Students had a First Grade folder, a pencil craft, and my contact card sitting on the desks for the parents when they arrived.  I also used a PowerPoint presentation to communicate the expectations to the parents.  Here is how the setup looked:

I am looking forward to a great school year and already have many things to post about!  Upcoming posts include centers, read and write the room, Apple Day, and Apple Orchard Field Trip.  Stay tuned!